So Who is behind the House of Dough?

Jamie Toulany started in the pizza business at a very young age, just watching his grand mother. Coming from a family with a long traditions in the pizza business he got his first job as a 16 year old delivery driver at an uncles pizza place and the passion has taken off from there. Shortly thereafter his uncle realized that Jamie had a lot more going than just delivery: he tough him all the ins and out about preparation and the home made tomato sauce and that’s when Jamie started to make his own creations. In 1998 Jamie and his father opened up their first pizza/grocery store called Rush Hour Pizza and Variety were they have worked many years side by side.

Jamie then ventured off to spread his wings to try new things so he got into the franchise business; Jamie said about this period; “This meant: follow the rules and don’t be creative. This was not what the style of pizza I was looking for”. He got out of the franchise and back with his father at Rush Hour until one day he found the right location to open up his own Pizzeria. A perfect location to start and to service the Valley. 9005 Commercial Street in New Minas which became the home of House Of Dough.

“Being a pizza fanatic I eat pizza for the great taste, quality and freshness, not the price and that makes me care about using nothing but the best ingredients and freshest produce available so we can offer you nothing but the best at the best prices we can give you”.

So from our family to yours…
When the moon hits your eye like a big Pizza Pie that’s Amore.

Our Working Hours

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